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from the Las Vegas weekly:

Nevada State College Exhibit…


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A few photos from the exhibit

Sorry I didn’t get some better ones – I was too busy chatting with everyone.  It was a good time!  There were a few people that suggested taking the exhibit “on the road – i.e. displaying it in one of the Vegas galleries after May.  I will let everyone know if this is the case.


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for the show, opening April 29th at 5pm

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Selected Photographers

Congratulations to these Photographers!  Your work has been selected for the show.  I will be in touch to let you know which images were selected.

Ainsworth, Chris

Austin, Jo

Avila, Ivan

Benson, Aaron

Borner, Michele

Brizell, Scott

Buchorn, Lacey

Cass, John

Christian, Fiona

Clarno, Paige

Collins, Jenna

Copeland, Deb

Cuevas, Edgar

Dorken, Sebastian

Flinn, Rick

Foley, Molly

Hass, Kyle

Hodgson, Daniel

James, Daniel

Jennings, Brandon

Jerome, Christopher

Lim, Christina

Luce, Marcia

Maloney, Shanda

Mayhew, Cheryl

Minervino, Vincent

Mitchell, Daniel

Moller, Amber

Parker, Shan

Puzzuoli, Michele

Ramey, Kelly

Reagan, Andrew

Reinhart, Kimberly

Satterwhite, Dana

Shay, Kate

Smith, Nicole

Teeslink, DJ

Thorner, Shelby

Trimier, Mocha

Valdez, Mike

Williams, Alana

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Photos Selected and the Date Moved Back!

I received Hipstamatic submissions from over 60 iphoneographers and selected 99 images for display.  They are being printed now.  I’ll write those who were accepted as soon as I get the images back.

Also, I moved the exhibit opening to April 29th, a Friday.  It will be at:

Nevada State College Library

303 S. Water St (BW 2 Building)

Henderson, NV 89015

The opening begins at 5 PM and ends at 8pm.

Hope to see you then…

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Call for Hipstamatic Photos of Las Vegas

This is an open call for photographs.  We will be accepting entries from February 1st, 2011 to March 10th, 2011. Anyone may enter and there is no charge for entry.  Selected images will be printed at 7’’ x 7’’ and displayed at the Vegas from the Hip exhibit on April 29th, 2011. The exhibit will be located at the Nevada State College Library on 311 S. Water Street, Henderson, NV 89015.  (Date is subject to change.)  The show will run until the end of May.  Requirements:

1. No more than 5 entries per person.

2. All images must be shot with the iPhone Hipstamatic app (available on iTunes for $1.99).  For more info:

3. All photographs should be taken by the applicant.  All photos should not be altered in any application other than the Hipstamatic.

4. Photos should be taken at the highest quality setting (nothing lower than 1200 x 1200 pixels will print on a 7 x 7 image).  Medium quality might work, but the lowest quality will make it difficult to print.

5. Photos should be related to Las Vegas in some manner.

6.  Photos should be sent as attachments to: no later than March 10th.  Your email needs to contain: Your name, your contact information, and the title for each piece.

7.  Applicants will be notified of acceptance via email.  Optional: If a photographer would like to have a 7’’ x 7’’ printed copy of an accepted image after the exhibit has ended, there is a $4.00 charge to cover the cost of developing/printing.

8. Accepted applicants are entered into a drawing for a $100 prize.  Considering the exhibit will have no more than 75 images, these are good odds – even for Vegas.

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